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Server rules!

rules law

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Minecraft server rules:

  1. You are not allowed to use cheats, hacked clients or double click programms and mouse;(Ban - 1 week)
  2. Respect others, dont swear and dont abuse others; (Mute - 1 hour)
  3. Don't adversi other servers and webpages; (Ban - 1 week)
  4. You cant use server bugs to your favor; (Ban - 1 week)
  5. Don't harm server work; (Permanent ban)
  6. Cheat in deal is not allowed; (Ban - 1 week)
  7. Every player has to be one account; (multiacc deleting and ban - 1 week)
  8. Not allowed to claim portal to end world; (faction disband)

Forum rules:

  1. Your avatar cant contain 16+ content; (Account delete)
  2. Can't advertise other webpages and servers; (Ban -  1 week)
  3. Don't make multiple account; (Deleting multiple acc and ban - 1 week)
  4. Make topics in their forseen places;
  5. Don't abuse other members; (Ban - 1 week)


Ignorance are not reason for rules violation.




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